Our Story 
Cuchara is a small mountain town in Southern Colorado in Huerfano County, nestled on the eastern slope of the Sangre de Cristos, with the gigantic West Spanish Peak looming to the east. In the year 2000, the Cuchara Mountain Resort (operated under many names from 1981-2000) closed its slopes for good. The land sat unused for many years until in 2017 when the 50 acers or so was purchased by the Cuchara Foundation with funds raised from an all community-led effort. It was then granted to the County as a public park in perpetuity. The Park is now called Cuchara Mountain Park. Part of the Master Plan is to return lift-served skiing to part of old ski area.

The Panadero Ski Corporation (a 501c3 nonprofit) formed in 2019 by local residents and property-owners passionate to see lift-served skiing return to Cuchara Mountain. Thanks to the work of volunteers and donated funds we have rehabbed Lift 4, a Riblet double chair. The chair will provide about 300 ft of elevation gain and access to about 6 runs on roughly 50 acers. Additionally, we have been able to purchase a used snowcat for grooming and a small snowmaking gun (we are taking in-kind donations – please see our list here) to make sure snow conditions are as prime as possible.

The lift-served ski area is focused on providing beginners and families a truly affordable experience to learn the joys of skiing and riding and build an appreciation for nature and healthy lifestyles through outdoor recreation.  At this point, we have the lift in excellent working order, but need additional start-up funds for final inspections and certification of the lift and to obtain insurance before we can begin operations next season.


Additionally, we have over 200 acres of old ski runs that will not be lift-served (on USFS land), but provide a perfect AT/Backcountry area that we are promoting for those interested in getting to that aspect of the sport. In the winter Cuchara Mountain Park (and the surrounding USFS land) is also accessible by snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. 


Returning skiing to Cuchara Mountain Park will give residents and visitors of Huerfano County and the surrounding region a place to participate in affordable year-round outdoor recreation as well as help revive a year-round, local economy. 

Please consider being a part of our story by donating today. We can’t do it without others who believe in our vision, mission, and values!


Panadero Ski Corporation • PO Box 983 • La Veta, Colorado 81055

Panadero Ski Corporation: a 501c3  Non-profit bringing lift aided skiing and year-round recreation to Cuchara Mountain Park.