panadero ski corporation

137 cuchara avenue east

cuchara, colorado 81055

 the “up the hill project” is  the panadero ski corporation's effort to raise funds to bring lift served activities to cuchara mountain park.  

whether to ski, snow board, snow shoe, mountain bike or go up for the view, please DONATE TODAY as we cannot bring this to reality without your help!

please put “UTH” on the memo line of your check. any online contribution will go to the UTH project. your donation may be eligible for a tax deduction! some donation options include:

- adopt a chair! for 500.00, your name or business name will placed on one of our 74 chairs!

- adopt a tower! for 5000.00 your name or business name will  be placed on one of our 11 lift towers!

- additional space on a lift tower, on the snow cat and/or the wall at the day lodge is also available!

- please donate and come join us as we strive to make the cuchara mountain park (a huerfano county park in perpetuity) all that it can be... thank you!

for more information click here to visit!